Adventures of a World-Wandering Magpie

Magpie Driftwood
Seattle, Washington, United States
Interests: (90)
a. a. milne, adventures, agnosticism, anglo-saxon history, anglo-saxon paganism, archaeology, asoiaf, baking, books, british archaeology, british cheese, canadian music, cats, ceilidh dancing, celtic paganism, chai, children's literature, crm, doctor who, duck, eddie izzard, edinburgh, episcopal church, fantasy literature, feminism, feminists, firefly, folk music, fruit wines, geeks, genealogy, george r. r. martin, good manners, great big sea, greek food, harry potter, hookah bars, human osteology, humanism, indiana jones, jason webley, jessica valenti, juvenile fantasy, leonard cohen, lgbt rights, liberal politics, medieval archaeology, medieval feasts, medieval history, medieval re-enactment, miss manners, museums, neil gaiman, paganism, pete seeger, politics, rachel maddow, raspberry wine, rational paganism, reading, religious history, road trips, scotland, seattle, silly wizard, singing, skellies, social justice, st andrews, st andrews university, tamora pierce, the daily show, the knights templar, the last unicorn, the middle ages, the pacific northwest, the princess bride, the sca, the tea party (band), traditional music, travel, umberto eco, university of sheffield, vermont, vikings, wine, wineries, writing, ya fantasy, ya lit
I am a work in progress.